About Chris

I'm a Human-Centered Computing PhD student at the University of Colorado Boulder in:

Current Work

Along with my advisor, Dr. Amy Voida, I conduct empirical research in human-computer interaction and computer supported cooperative work, with a focus on philanthropic informatics. I work with human and social services organizations to conduct research in the areas outlined in the research interests section.

Previous Work

I earned a B.S. from RIT's College of Computing and Information Sciences and a M.S. from the University of Colorado's College of Engineering and Applied Science. I've worked as a professional in the nonprofit, data science, and computer security spaces. More information on my background can be found in my LinkedIn profile.

Research Interests

Philanthropic Informatics

What are the unique information and technology needs of philanthropic organizations, especially in terms of how they measure impact?

Big Data

How does the hype around big data affect human and social services organizations? What are the real possibilities and limitations once you cut through the hype?

Data for Social Good

In what ways can data be leveraged to better understand and improve social programs? What are the ethical concerns in doing so?

Community Impact

How do organizations work together at the community level to address social issues? What role does technology have in that interaction?